How to cook Picanha at Home

How to cook Picanha at Home


In Brazil, the rump cap or ‘Picanha’ is the most sought after cut of beef; and we’re not the slightest bit surprised as this is a truly delicious and special cut. So don’t be scared and ask your butcher to get one for you. But before you buy, take a closer look at the history and cooking methods for this little known Brazilian gem.

When buying picanha, here at Fazenda we suggest that it should weigh less than 1.3kg. Anything more than that and it is most likely you will be paying for part of the Silverside (a tougher part of the animal attached to the Picanha cut). The fat layer should be about 1.5cm thick – any less and this means the cattle was raised and fed in an unfit manner. The colour of the fat should be white and firm to touch.


As for the actual cooking part, picanha is often cooked over high heat such as a BBQ, so if you’re a fan of black pepper and don’t want it to burn up in the process, add it afterwards. We highly recommend that you heavily salt the meat before cooking. It’s important to use rock salt instead of sea salt because the latter will most likely ruin your picanha.

I’ve put together a very simple recipe based on oven roasting Picanha which will serve around 4 guests at the bottom of this page.

Picanha 9
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