How to Make: Ibérico Lamb Loin with Butter Bean Purée

For this recipe, we’re using an exceptional meat from Spain: Ibérico lamb.

Normally Ibérico is known for the distinctive flavours and breed of the Black Iberian pig. It’s these pigs that produce the most succulent ham and charcuterie.

But this ancient breed of lamb also gets the Ibérico name and is considered by many the best in the world. About 10 years ago, the reknowned Paul Bocusse tried this meat, and it only took about 3 weeks for him to have it on the menus of all his restaurants across the world. He coined this meat the ‘Kobe of the Lambs’.

This particular lamb breed is fed only with breast milk, corn and sunflower seeds. Due to its specific diet, it has an impressive fat infiltration that is not not common in lamb meat.