Frequently Asked Questions    


 How does delivery work?   

We deliver to any UK mainland address using our external couriers at DPD. Deliveries can be tracked and each one will receive a 1-hour window of arrival as long as a mobile number or email address is provided. Delivery is made on a contact-less basis by our couriers. They will place your order at your door (ring the doorbell and wait for you, of course) and will take a picture of your order before saying goodbye.  Due to current high demand our couriers sometimes might not be able to pick up orders on the same day. If that occurs orders will be both packaged and collected on the following day so you might experience a slight delay. We will keep you informed of shipping progress should this happen. Any problems please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

What are your delivery charges?   

Orders over £75 – FREE

Orders under £75 carry a shipping cost of £7.50

Saturday delivery: Not available


What if my shipping cost is incorrect?

Due to the way our shipping is calculated, in very rare instances the shipping cost of a gift voucher can override that of a food order. In the event that this happens and the correct shipping has not been paid at the checkout, we'll be in touch to send over a separate invoice to allow you to pay for the shipping cost.


 Do you offer next-day delivery? 

Next-day delivery is available on Tuesdays for orders made before 12pm Monday, and on Thursdays for orders made before 12pm Wednesday.  

Orders placed after 12pm on Wednesday will be delivered on Tuesday, unless a specific day further into the future has been chosen, of course.


 When is my order packed and shipped?    

If you placed an order for it to be delivered on a Wednesday, your order is prepared, packed by our team, and collected by DPD on Tuesday.


 How am I notified of my order and shipping updates?   

Once you’ve placed your order, a confirmation email will be sent from shop@fazenda.co.uk. You will then receive another email when your order has been shipped, an email on the day your order is due to be delivered and one last email once it has been delivered.

Please note: Due to the perishable nature of our products our couriers at DPD won't be able to take parcels back with them and try again the next day should you not be home to receive them. If this happens they will only be able to leave your parcel in a safe place or with a specified neighbour. They will take a photograph of where they left your parcel, and you will immediately receive an email (and an SMS if you added text notifications during the checkout process) letting you know your parcel has been delivered and is in a safe place in your property, or with your neighbour.

We will always be here to help if you have any questions during the shipping of your parcel but unfortunately we can't take responsibility for missed deliveries.


 I haven't received my order, what do I do?   

DPD will communicate with you on the day you're due to receive your order. If they're suffering any delays they will also communicate this via SMS or email. If they are unable to deliver your order - regardless of the circumstances - they will let you know. Please get in touch with us so we can help further. You can do this by replying to your order confirmation email or via shop@fazenda.co.uk


 How can I get in touch with you?   

You can email us on shop@fazenda.co.uk; you can use the 'Contact us' form on our website (on our main menu click on 'More' to find the option); or you can use our instant messaging option, which you can find at the bottom left of our website.


 Where can I find recipes or cooking guides?    

We have two separate sections for these: Recipes and Cooking Guides. If you have a particular question about a specific cut don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help.


 How should I store the meat I ordered?   

We always want to make sure you get the best from your meat, whether you are freezing or storing it in the fridge.

All your meat is delivered with individual use-by dates on the packaging, but no matter what cut it is make sure you always follow the following advice:

Meats under 1kg need to be stored in the fridge and consumed within 5 days of shipping. Larger cuts can be frozen and used within 3 months of shipping. You will see specific details in each product page under 'Storage' and 'Shelf Life'

To defrost, remove the meat from the freezer, and keep in the fridge 24 hours before use, then take it out and place it in the coldest part of your kitchen 1-2 hours before use.


 Where do I find the use-by dates?   

Please take time to read the labels in the meats for shelf life information on them. As mentioned before, as rule of thumb our meat cuts under 1kg need to be consumed within 5 days of your order. Larger cuts are able to be frozen and used within 3 months of shipping, however, please check the label in each of the products you receive to confirm specific storage and use-by dates. If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


 What packaging do you use?   

We use the best quality packaging; it is fully insulated and we use the right amount of gel ice inside our boxes. This will guarantee that your order is in perfect conditions for up to 48 hours after its arrival at your home.


Biodegradable– Created from natural plant-based FSC paper.

Compostable– An all-natural plant-based product.

Recyclable– 100% recyclable by all local council collections.

Recycled– Contains up to 30% recycled material.

Vegan Kind & Organic – No animal product or derivative used at all.

Moisture Resistant– Natural Kraft outer layers provide natural resistance.

Courier Safe– The virtually indestructible packaging will be safe in transit.


* Please note from 1st January 2021 all suppliers have encountered a shortage of cardboard, this means we are currently using a variety of boxes and suppliers to meet present demand.