Shipping & FAQs


When will my order be shipped? 

Orders are shipped each Wednesday for next-day delivery using our external couriers - excluding Northern Ireland. You will receive an email confirmation with details of your order once placed.

Should you wish to pre-order product/s for a future date, please make a note in the 'Special Instructions' box upon checkout.

Please note: We are only able to ship future orders on Wednesday as per our above shipping schedule, so please consider this when placing your order.

How much are shipping costs?

Orders over £65 will qualify for free delivery

Orders under £65 will carry a standard £7.50 shipping charge.

Do you offer next-day delivery?

Orders placed before 12pm on Tuesdays can be processed and shipped the following day, for next-day delivery.

How does delivery work?

We deliver to any UK mainland address using our external couriers at DPD excluding Northern Ireland. You will receive an email confirmation with details of your order once placed.

Deliveries can be tracked using the tracking number provided upon shipping.

Please note: you are unable to select a preferred delivery window via Royal Mail, though please make a note of a dedicated 'Safe Place' in the 'Order Special Instructions Box' during checkout. 

Important: Our specialist boxes used when shipping food items can control the temperature of contents for up to 48 hours, though we recommend delivery and refrigeration of our individual steaks as soon as received by you. 

My order is delayed. What does this mean?

On rare occasions, issues at the depot mean that some orders can be delayed or held at the depot. If your order contains perishable goods, the contents of your order will be shipped in specialist packaging that can control the temperature of contents for up to 48 hours.

If your order is delayed for any reason, please contact us at so that we can assist in further understanding the reasons for the delay.


What packaging do you use for perishables?

We use the best quality packaging; it is fully insulated and we use the right amount of gel ice inside our boxes. This will guarantee that your order is in perfect condition for up to 48 hours after its arrival at your home.

Biodegradable– Created from natural plant-based FSC paper.

Compostable– An all-natural plant-based product.

Recyclable– 100% recyclable by all local council collections.

Recycled– Contains up to 30% recycled material.

Vegan Kind & Organic – No animal product or derivative used at all.

Moisture Resistant– Natural Kraft outer layers provide natural resistance.

Courier Safe– The virtually indestructible packaging will be safe in transit.

How long do I have to consume the food products I have received?

Each individual product will have its own use by date, so please take time to read the labels on the meats for shelf life information. As a rule of thumb, our meat cuts under 1kg need to be consumed within 5 days of receiving your order.

Larger cuts can be frozen and used within 3 months of shipping, however, please check the label on each of the products you receive to confirm specific storage and use-by dates. If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Important: If you are ordering one of our products for a gift, please consider the consume by information and shelf life in relation to our shipping schedule.