Why Frozen?

Sometimes, frozen goods are frowned upon, but there's actually many genuine benefits to frozen meats, and we'd like to run you through what some of those are.

First and foremost, because our meats are frozen once they reach their very best, it means you receive them in exactly the same state, and can enjoy them exactly as intended. Texture, flavour and nutritional value are all preserved perfectly.

A few of our very special meats are so exclusive that the farmers only butcher the animals a couple of times per year. This means that if they're frozen at the optimum time, we have the ability to offer these truly special cuts to you all year round, rather than for a very limited time each year.

Some of our friends are suppliers from Argentina, Uruguay or New Zealand, so we think it's best to have products that are travelling from all over the world to arrive frozen, to ensure that their quality is perfect and they arrive safely.

Use-by Dates

Please take the time to carefully read all your product labels when you receive your order. As a rule of thumb larger meat cuts of over 1kg can be frozen and consumed within 3 months of being shipped, those of under 1kg will need to be consumed within 5 days of being shipped, but please check all labels. If you have any questions please contact us. 

How to Safely Defrost Meat

There's two ways meat can safely be defrosted.

The first method is via the fridge. Place your frozen meat in the fridge, and allow it to thaw slowly and safely. It could take two days or longer so needs to be done well in advance, but it will keep in the fridge for 3-5 days once it has defrosted.

Meat can also be defrosted in a cold water bath. Place your meat in the cold water (ensuring you leave the water-tight packaging on), and allow it to thaw. This can take about an hour for a smaller cut, and 2-3 for a larger one. We recommend changing the water every 30 minutes, so as to keep the thawing consistent.

Regardless of your chosen method, take the meat out 1-2 hours before cooking, to allow it to reach room temperature, and enjoy.