Miguel Vergara

300 day grain-fed Black Angus Bone-in Beef Ribs

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Considered the most valuable rib of the Black Angus, this delicious cut has a superb level of thickness and beautiful marbling. It's the fifth rib of the animal and is presented with the longitudinal bone. 

Because of the high level and rarity of its marbling, the texture is extra smooth with a very intense flavour that we are sure you will love. 

Farmer: Miguel Vergara 

Deemed as having the highest standards in animal welfare, the Miguel Vergara Group have created conditions that maximise the development of the colour, juiciness and intra-muscular fat of the cows. 

Raised in serene surroundings between the meadows of Salamanca and the mountains of Leon in Spain, this particular breed's tranquil temperament combined with it's specialised diet and strict breeding parameters result in extraordinary produce, to be enjoyed by all meat-lovers.  

This diet of this exceptional 300 grain-fed breed is specifically tailored throughout each growth stage to enhance the flavours and quality of the beef. 

Cooking Suggestion:


Grill / Oven 

This cut can be cooked in the grill or oven due to its unique juiciness. 




This product has been frozen. Why? It can be kept in the freezer for the duration of its shelf life. 

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