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Boneless Lamb Chump - Grass-fed - New Zealand

Boneless Lamb Chump - Grass-fed - New Zealand

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New Zealand offers the perfect environment to rear livestock. Its vast and diverse landscape is filled with lush meadows and mountain pastures, allowing the lamb to roam freely, which is what we want. 

Fully-traceable, our passionate farmers don’t use growth-promoting hormones. The animals' strict grass-fed diet results in a succulent meat that is sweetly-aged and naturally low in fat.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Azeem Ahmed (Luton, GB)

Boneless Lamb Chump - New Zealand - Grass-fed 4 x 320g

It's great to see you enjoyed our grass-fed lamb chumps, Azeem. If you have any further feedback don't hesitate to let us know - Natalia

Barry Osbiston (Chesterfield, GB)

Had a couple of home boxes now and really love the service whilst you can’t beat going to Fazenda it really does give you the taste. The lamb chump I have had 3 times they are perfect. Really great cut; and everyone I cooked for loved them.

So amazing to hear you've enjoyed these, Barry! They are a staple, both at our restaurants and also here at Fazenda at Home. Thank you for taking the time to review them! - Natalia

Simon Thompson (Leeds, GB)

Boneless Lamb Chump - New Zealand - Grass-fed 4 x 320g

A pleasure to hear you loved this product, Simon! Thank you for taking the time to rate it here - Natalia