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Bone-in Ribeye - Chuleta Steak - Aberdeen Angus - 60 days dry-aged

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Aged for a period of 60 days. The loins rest in Himalayan salt dry-ageing chambers where the meat acquires tenderness. The duration of the drying is what gives every piece an intense flavour.

This breed is raised in the Basque country, in the North Spain. These surroundings offer a tranquil lifestyle for the herd.

Aberdeen Angus have a tranquil and docile temper, this gives its meat a unique flavour and texture. These attributes, alongside the special breeding under strict parameters to guarantee their welfare, allow the greatest kitchens to enjoy this superior Spanish beef.

Grain fed for 100 days, their diet is made up of top-quality cereals, legumes, oils (mainly soybeans) and straw to provide a balanced diet.

Cooking Suggestion:


Grill / Pan Fry / Oven

Ideal for the grill due to its high level of marbling. If you need some inspiration, take a look at this recipe from our blog featuring Chuleta.




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Customer Reviews

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Ronnie Simmons (Bradford, GB)
Not very good unfortunately

I’ve ordered from you lots of times and it’s always been great but this ribeye was not. I noticed afterwards that is was slaughtered and frozen in August 2021 so wondered if this would impact the quality…

Hello Ronnie
We received your email yesterday morning and replied to you with some information and further questions. We wonder if maybe it has gone to your spam folder as we haven't received a reply yet?

Just to recap some of the information our team passed on to you, our meats are flash-frozen, sometimes by us when they arrive fresh, and other times by our suppliers.

Flash-freezing allows the cuts to be safely consumed up to a year after the initial date without a loss of quality which is especially important when certain cuts arrive from other countries. You can find this information in our 'Why Frozen?' section of our website.

We will always provide as much information as is available to us on all our products as we believe that's the only way for our guests and customers to be able to make informed choices.

We did ask you some more questions via email about this particular cut, given it can happen that one piece in particular didn't live up to our (and your) expectations. When this happens we always contact our customers to be able to help further.

Please check your inbox and spam folders and let us know more via email.