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Secreto Ibérico Pork (100%) Bellota - 775g 
Rich in flavour and marbled with fat that renders down beautifully when cooked. Ideal for the barbecue over an open flame or grill. 

Boneless Lamb Chump - Grass-fed from New Zealand - 4 x 320g
Fully-traceable, our passionate farmers don’t use growth-promoting hormones. The lambs' strict grass-fed diet results in a succulent meat that is sweetly-aged and naturally low in fat.

Wagyu Cap of Rump (Picanha) BMS Grade 7 - 275g
With a very high marbling content, Wagyu beef offers flavours and textures that are simply mouthwatering due to a precise and well-controlled diet of cereal and grain.

Chuleta Steak - Bone-in Ribeye - Aberdeen Angus or Frisona (dry-aged for 60 days) 1.1kg 
Aged for a period of 60 days. The loins rest in Himalayan salt dry-ageing chambers where the meat acquires tenderness. The duration of the drying is what gives every piece an intense flavour.

You can learn more about Argentinian Asados on this blog post we shared on our Fazenda website. 

Visit our Recipes section for step-by-step guides. 




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Customer Reviews

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Amazing! Quick delivery. Quality of meat was just fantastic.

Nothing makes us happier. Fantastic to hear your experience from ordering to enjoying was all you expected, Nicola. Thank you for taking the time to offer us your feedback here - Natalia


I absolutely love this box, gave me a great option as a person who follows gluten and milk free diet the box was perfect way to celebrate my 40th birthday on lockdown.

Happy belated birthday, Harvey! Lovely to hear our Asado Box was just what you hoped it'd be :) - Natalia