Halal Cap of Rump - Picanha - Argentina

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Famous in South America as we cook it in churrascos or asados. The blanket of fat covering the meat is what creates succulent, juicy flavours within the cut.

Our signature cut in our restaurants, this Argentinian Picanha develops very distinct flavours and aromas due to the grass-fed diet of the animals. 

The Cap of Rump as a joint has really good natural marbling and, as a result, can be perfect as a roasting joint or as individual steaks. 

Regardless of how you choose to cook this cut, it has to be noted that due to the grass-fed nature of the beef ensure you don't cook it too quickly or overcook it to avoid it ending up tough or chewy. 

Cooking Suggestion:


Grill / Pan Fry / Oven

Ideal for the grill due to its high level of marbling. Explore how to cook Picanha at home, along with many other delicious recipes




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