Agnei Iberico

Halal Magret Lamb - Agnei Ibérico

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Two boneless loins between 400-450 grams each. This spectacular Agnei Ibérico Magret Lamb is a mouth-watering sensation. 

It takes its name from the French word 'Magret', meaning 'duck breast', due to similarities in their appearance. The beauty of this cut is the exquisite flavours given by the accompanying fat, which should be carefully cooked to achieve a golden colour. 

A high degree of fat infiltration combined with high oleic acid content (over 51%) create distinctive characteristics to this cut, as well as making it one of the healthiest lamb meats on the market.

Its balanced flavour, texture and succulence truly make for a unique piece of meat - a result of the natural diet on which the lambs are fed. 

A lamb of superior quality, the Agnei Ibérico thousand-year-old breed originates from the South of the Pyrenees, in the region of Aragón in Spain.

Cooking Suggestion: 

Grill / Pan Fry / Oven

If you need some inspiration, take a look at this recipe from our blog featuring Lamb Loin.




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