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Our Ibérico pork fillet is succulent, tender and perfectly marbled, just as it should be. 

Pork fillet, or pork tenderloin (also known as Solomillo Ibérico in Spain) - is the leanest cut of the Iberian black pig. 

Just as with any fine cut of beef, Ibérico pork can be treated similarly in cooking the perfect culinary delight. Due to its world-class quality and breeding environment, this steak should be simply seared or grilled medium-rare. 

We suggest starting with a light seasoning of salt and pepper before searing in a hot pan for approximately 10 minutes. Alternatively, this steak can be equally enjoyed on the barbecue. Be sure not to overcook this delectable cut of pork though to avoid losing the juiciness and tenderness. 

This cut is 100% Ibérico pork.


Grill / Pan Fry / Oven




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