Ribeye - Argentina - Grass-fed - 2.5kg+/-

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Straight from our South-American homeland of Argentina, these grass-fed Argentinian Ribeye cuts are exceptional.

Derived from Hereford and Angus cattle who inhabit the vast plains of the Pampas, the diet of this breed is a dominant factor in the succulence of the meat, as well as their style of living and relaxed environment. 

A naturally well-marbled meat, Ribeye requires careful attention not to overcook the steak in order to avoid it becoming too chewy or tough. 

Cooking Suggestion:


Grill / Pan Fry / Oven

If you need some inspiration, take a look at this recipe from our blog featuring Ribeye.




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Customer Reviews

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Great quality and Service

I ordered iberico pork cheeks, iberico ham and 2.5k ribeye fillet, the order was tracked with regular status updates, delivered on time. Used Fazenda recipe for cooking the ribeye in Malbec and salt crystals, (ojo de bife al trappo), Cooked it to go with Pommes Ana, cooked the meat outdoors on Kamado Joe firepit. Was brilliant enjoyed by all, will def be ordering from this company and making this recipe again. Pauline

Thank you for taking the time to offer us your feedback, Pauline. What pleasure to hear you thoroughly enjoyed the products you ordered; that meal sounds incredible! Thank you for your support - Natalia

Looks stunning

Order delivered on day promised. Meat looks fantastic but yet to cook as it will feed about 10, so will have to wait until lockdown is over.

One of our favourite pieces. Do let us know what you think of it once you've been able to cook it, Tony :) - Natalia