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Tomahawk Special

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This perfect partnership includes much-loved favourites - our Hereford Beef Tomahawk Steak and Chimichurri. 

This Tomahawk Special includes:

Tomahawk Steak - Hereford Beef - 1kg+/-

Taking its name from the Tomahawk axe due to the resemblance in shape, this Hereford Irish beef cut is admirable in both its appearance and flavours. 

Dry-aged for a minimum of 20 days, this steak weighs around 1kg - perfect for sharing between two. 

Sumptuous and succulent, each piece measures between 3cm - 4cm, with an impressive level of fat marbling. 

Chimichurri (dry mix) - 150g

A traditional Argentinian accompaniment, chimichurri has a fresh flavour that pairs beautifully with just about any meat, but it's also a great partner of provolone, empanadas and even in your picada. 

This mix contains dry finely chopped parsley, dry garlic, chilli flakes and oregano

Available at this special price for a limited time: 19th July -  11th August 

Cooking Suggestion:


Grill / Pan Fry / Oven

Cooking guide here.





This product has been frozen. Why? 
Store in the fridge when you receive it, and consume within 5 days. 
Do not refreeze.

Chimichurri (dry mix)


Shelf Life

Tomahawk - A minimum of 28 days from shipping

Chimichurri (dry mix) - A minimum of 3 months from shipping


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